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Used Tractors for Sale

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September 16, 2021

Used Tractors for Sale

Whether you’re a homeowner with a few acres, a hobby farmer, or a big ag operation, the time will probably come when you decide to make the investment in a used tractor. But when it comes to purchasing a used tractor, there are many questions to consider, especially if it’s your first time buying one. We’re taking a look at used tractor sales in this in-depth guide to used tractors for sale.

How much should I pay for a used tractor?

Buying a tractor is a significant investment, and there are a lot of variables involved in how much a used tractor costs. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when determining if the price of a used tractor is worth it.

  • Are you looking for four-wheel or two-wheel drive?
  • Is a closed cab worth the investment for you?
  • Have you compared the prices of similar models?
  • What are you using the tractor for?
  • What horsepower (hp) do you need? What horsepower do you want?
  • What is the brand and model of the tractor you’re looking at?
  • What is the age and condition?
  • How many hours has the tractor done already?
  • How many hours is the tractor expected to last?

Second hand tractors range anywhere from $3,000 for the smallest under 40 hp tractors to $75,000+ for an agricultural tractor with 100-174 hp.

Why are used tractors so expensive?

Used tractors are expensive for a few reasons. The primary reason is that new tractors are quite expensive and cost prohibitive. For example, a 2021 John Deere 9470RX Tractor costs over $550,000 which is basically just as expensive as buying a whole house. Other factors include the fact that parts for newer tractors can be difficult to find and they are often loaded up with proprietary software that limits the ability for people to fix their tractors themselves.

All of these reasons contribute to why many farmers are seeking out used tractors from the 1970s or 80s that may have many hours on them but are easier to repair and maintain. One 826-hour 1979 John Deere 4640 sold for just over $60,000 in August of 2019, which is a bargain compared to the high price of purchasing a brand new tractor.

What is the best tractor for home use?

When searching for used sub compact tractors or the best old tractor for a homestead, it’s important to keep in mind what jobs you’ll be using it for. This will allow you to find the model that fits your needs and gives you the most bang for your buck. Will you be using it to mow, remove stumps, fence work, snow removal, road maintenance, or all of the above? Here are a few options that may work well for your home use.

Sub compact tractors:


Kubota BX1880
This spiffy model has consistently been rated as one of the top selling sub compact tractors in the United States. With 4 wheel drive and 16.6 hp, the Kubota BX1880 has a three-point hitch and 680-pound lift capacity with 24-inch behind pins. Kubota has a wide range of implements that can be easily attached to this unit, from rotary tillers to mowers to front loaders, so no matter what job you’re tackling, the Kubota BX1880 can handle it.

New Holland Workmaster 25S
This small but mighty sub compact tractor is a great starter tool for home or homestead use. The New Holland Workmaster 25S is a hard-working, versatile tractor that can take on yard, landscape, gardening, and property maintenance jobs. You can select the implements that work for you, including the LC100 front loader that allows you to move snow, dirt, firewood, and more. The 905GBL backhoe gives you the capability to add digging, excavating, and trenching to your list of improvements.

Compact tractors

John Deere 1023E
The John Deere 1023E is an affordable but powerful setup that covers all the basics and gives you room to grow. The quick-connect features allow you to move quickly from project to project and the 1023E comes with a full range of implements. Lawn and yard maintenance are a breeze with this 23 hp mini-tractor from one of the most popular brands in the business.

Mahindra EMAX 25S HST
Made from solid steel components, this Mahindra compact tractor is ideal for home, hobby farming, equine, grounds maintenance, and municipal use. With plenty of rear attachments available, as well as the option for an enclosed cab, the Mahindra has an impressive list of features, including a reliable 25 hp Tier IV-compliant engine with no DPF, meaning there’s no need for expensive diesel particulate filters. This is a great option for your compact tractor needs.

How do I find used tractors for sale?

Rather than googling “used tractors near me” and taking your chances with whatever comes up first, take a look at to check out a vast selection of equipment listings. Our innovative search tools make it easy and fast to find exactly what you’re looking for, with clear and accessible pricing.

Founded in 1989 by Greg Peterson, Machinery Pete has developed a trusted name in farm equipment due to the thousands of people who use our efficient marketplace to quickly fill their equipment needs. Check out our inventory today to find the perfect used tractor with the specifications and implements you’re looking for.

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