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Rare IHC 4156 4WD Tractor

February 15, 2017

Reporting on one rare tractor is like shaking the tree....lots more stories and pictures of other rare tractors shake loose and find me.

Like Wyatt McRae of Alberta, Canada's IHC 4156 yellow 4WD with only 5,000 hours on it. IHC only made 218 of the 4156's. Here are a couple pics of it:





"It was last used in fall of 2015 to pull a 10' breaking disk," said McRae. "Couldn't use it in 2016 because the ground was too wet." McRae has owned the rare IHC 4156 yellow 4WD for three years now.

The last IHC 4156 I saw sold at auction came on a 4/15/15 online auction. That 4156 came out of Nebraska and sold for $9,100, but it had an oil leak and new battery. Here is a cool period piece from back in 1969-1970 that IHC put out on their new 4156 4WD tractor:


Beautiful 4156 you've got there Wyatt! Thanks for sharing the pics!


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