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1972 John Deere 4320 Tractor Sold for $18K Today

March 12, 2017

Ask me about the hottest muscle tractors from the late 1960’s – early 1970’s and somewhere towards the top of my list would be the John Deere 4320.

Deere only made the 127 horsepower 4320 model 1971-1972. More proof today (March 11, 2017) of how “Hot” John Deere 4320’s are came on a northeast Missouri farm auction where this 1972 model 4320 with 10,000 hours, 1 owner, sold for $18,000:


$18,000 just made the Top 15 Auction Prices I’ve seen on John Deere 4320 tractors. Here’s the list:




Below is a pic of the record high price 4320…$51,500 on an amazing collector auction in late June 2014 in southwest Iowa. It was a rare 1972 model 4WD 4320, Standard, restored:


No. 3 on our Top 15 Auction Prices list was a restored 1972 model with 7,000 hours sold on a November 2, 2013 farm auction in Springville, IA, here's Youtube video of it selling:


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