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15 Year Old Tractor with 324 Hours For Sale at Auction

July 06, 2016


Wow, this tractor caught my eye: 2001 John Deere 7210 from Kansas with only 324 actual hours, and loader, coming up for sale on July 27, 2016 online auction. Here is a link to the listing:

So, what's the scoop on this super low hour 15 year old tractor? Patrick Crouch, Ag Industry Specialist with, filled in the blanks for me: "It is from the University of Kansas," said Crouch. " It was bought used from the dealer with about 100 hours on it from a producer that didn't like it for his needs. It has been University owned for 12-13 years. The hours are actual. It has had very little use, 3pt blading and unloading trucks with the loader from time to time."

There are 77 pics of this 2001 John Deere 7210 tractor available to view, click on the sale listing link above:


There have already been (22) online bids on this tractor. Current bid is up to $30,000. Again, sale day on is July 27th. Here is a look at nice John Deere 7210 Tractors I've seen sold at auction over the past few years:


* Condition ratings: E=Excellent, G=Good

* Location sold: WCAR = west-central Arkansas, etc.

* Data by

$83,000 is the all time record high auction sale price I've seen on a John Deere 7210 tractor sold with a loader. You can see it in the data table above, the last one listed....a 1999 model 7210 with only 127 actual hours, MFWD, always shedded, with 740 loader, sold on a May 28, 2012 farm auction in east-central Missouri. Here's a pic of it:


Here is a link to (10) John Deere 7210 Tractors listed for sale today in our web site priced from $52,900 to $22,900, click on this link to view:


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