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December 30, 2021

Used John Deere Tractors for Sale Near Me

You’ve decided to leave the city life behind and move out into the countryside. You’ve secured a rural oasis, miles from any city. We’re talking big trees, a creek out back, a couple of pole barns, and acres of yard and fields. As you settle into your new home, the question finally occurs to you. How the heck are you going to maintain this yard or the fields?

That little weed whip you had for your city sidewalk probably isn’t cut out for this kind of work. You’re going to need a tractor. The thing is, new tractors can be incredibly expensive, and having just bought this house you're a little hesitant to take on that kind of financial burden. That means you are in the market for a used tractor for sale.

We know, this example maybe doesn’t apply exactly to you. Perhaps you are a big agricultural organization or a hobby farmer looking to update some of your equipment. Maybe you are a long-time landowner and your tractor just broke. For anyone looking to upgrade, the used tractor market is a great option.

Used tractors come at a fraction of the price of a new one and, depending on maintenance and hours of use, can last as long as you could conceivably need them to. Instead of Googling “used tractor for sale near me,” and taking your chances with the results, let Machinery Pete help you throughout the whole process. 

We are going to start right now with an article about one of the iconic brands in tractors, John Deere. In this blog we will discuss used John Deere compact tractors for sale, the best way to find them online, and the best time to buy one.    

Used John Deere Compact Tractors for Sale Near Me

As we mentioned earlier, John Deere tractors have a reputation that precedes them. They are known for their quality, durability, and those iconic green and yellow colors. So, if you decide you are in the market for a used compact tractor, a John Deere might be the right choice for you.

For example, on our website, if you were to type in “John Deere Compact” in the search bar, you would find pages and pages of results. You can get even more specific by going to the sidebar and selecting the type of equipment you are looking for, the horse power, and the make and model. So for a sub compact John Deere, you might say: tractor, under 40 hp, and John Deere. If you knew what model you were looking for you could add that too. You can also search by horsepower. Click here to see what we mean. If you aren’t sure, feel free to browse around and ask questions to figure out what suits your needs.

After you conduct that search, you will have a better idea of what’s available, what the price range is, and if there are any near you (We are willing to guess there are since we have listings all across the country!). Some examples from our site include:

2019 John Deere 3033R
  • 5826 hours
  • Extended Warranty
  • $22,500       

2002 John Deere 4100 Tractor
  • 695 hours
  • 4 Wheel Drive w/Loader
  • $13,750

We could go on listing examples, but as you can see from these two, there is a variety of John Deere used tractors on the market at a range of price points. Instead, let’s take a look at how to find used compact tractors for sale, and some common mistakes people make when searching. 

Used Compact Tractors for Sale by Owner Near Me

If you are looking for a used compact tractor, you might think the best thing to do is search “used compact tractors for sale by owner near me” on Craigslist or Google. While your logic makes sense, that actually is not a great first step. With Craigslist, you are liable to see phony listings, fake pricing, and scams. What’s more, if you wanted to list something of your own, it can be tricky and difficult. Plus, with these sites it can be hard to find things that are actually close to you. Fortunately we have developed a better way...the Machinery Pete marketplace.

With tools like the search function and the Sell It Yourself feature, instead of all the leg work involved with looking for “used compact tractors for sale” on Craigslist or “used tractors for sale by owner near me” on Google, now you can find everything you are looking for in one place. Want to sell your tractor? You can do that here. Want to buy a tractor? You can do that too. In fact, you can do both of these with the confidence of transparent and informed pricing, scam and hassle-free postings, and a vast and engaged audience.  

When is the Best Time to Buy a John Deere Compact Tractor?

There is no hard and fast rule for when you should buy a used tractor. Especially if you plan to buy directly from an owner, there are not likely to be seasonal deals or financing offers that you might get from a dealership. Instead of thinking about the best time to buy a used tractor in terms of seasons, it might make sense to think about it in terms of needs. 

The best times to buy a used tractor are when you need one—or right before you need one. You don’t necessarily want to buy one before you need it, but if you have an older or less reliable tractor currently, it might make sense to invest in a new one before the last minute. Otherwise, you may cost yourself extra when it comes to the production lost from not owning a functional tractor for a few days.   

Machinery Pete...Tried, True, Trusted

Founded in 1989 by Greg Peterson, Machinery Pete has developed a name trusted by thousands of people in the agriculture industry. Whether it’s our innovative search tool or selling options, we know you will enjoy your customer experience. Check out our inventory today to find your perfect used tractor, or reach out to us for more information.