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Top 10 Auction Prices on John Deere 4850 Tractors

February 01, 2017

I love Twitter.

Folks send me tractor and farm equipment pics and videos from all over the world ( Occasionally I receive a pic so stunning...stops me in my tracks. Happened tonight when I go this pic of a John Deere 4850:



Got me thinking...what are the 10 highest auction sale prices I've ever seen on John Deere 4850 Tractors? I checked and found the facts. Here you go, Machinery Pete's Top 10 Auction Prices on John Deere 4850's:



* Data by

One more pic of that John Deere 4850 sent to me via Twitter tonight to leave you with:


Here is a link to (25) John Deere 4850 Tractors for sale today:



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