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Tip For Used Equipment Sellers: Personalize It

September 14, 2016


There are a LOT of John Deere S680 combines for sale.

666 of them to be exact, listed for sale today in our Machinery Pete web site, see for yourself:  So if you are a dealer or farmer with an S680 for sale, how can you make it stand out from the crowd?

Personalize it.

Specifically I see the future is using video as the tool to help do this. We all know that sale prices on farm retirement and estate auctions where everyone locally knows, loves and respects the seller are higher. Always have been over my 27 years tracking auction sale price data. When you "know" the seller and how he operated his farm, how he used his equipment, how he cared for his iron, those powerful truths translate into stronger bidding and higher prices.

So, back to all the John Deere S680 combines currently for sale, 666 of them. But only one belonged to Robert and Bryan Petter of Petter Farms in Stuttgart, Arkansas. The brothers just traded their 2014 model John Deere S680 combine with 808 engine hours in to Greenway Equipment, Inc. ( Last week when I was down to Stuttgart, Ark. I met with Robert Petter and filmed him in front of their 2014 S680 they just traded in. Robert told me why they've always kept the plastic on the seats of all their combines and tractors. Robert told me why he'd never squash a mosquito in the cab. Robert told me why giving their combine the upmost of care has always been so important to he and his brother. I also filmed Greenway Equipment, Inc. Salesman Zach Byers about the Petter brothers and what it's been like to work with them over the years. Here's the Youtube video:

Robert's brother Bryan Petter is a whiz with his drone. Just last week he shot incredible video footage of their 2014 John Deere S680 harvesting rice. Check out the last couple minutes of the video above for that drone video footage of Petter brothers' S680 harvesting rice in Stuttgart, Ark.

This is how you make a 2014 John Deere S680, or any piece of used equipment stand out and frankly, be worth more money. Personalize it. Video of the owner talking about it. Video of it in action on the farm. Most equipment sellers today if they do video at all simply start up the tractor or combine and maybe show it rolling a few feet forward and back. That's not enough. Buyers deserve more. Fill in the blanks. Show it on the farm. Show video of the owners talking about it. Like I said, do that if you want to sell it for more money.

Here is a link to this 2014 John Deere S680 with 808 engine hours for sale:


Here is a link to the (233) 2014 model John Deere S680's for sale in our web site today:

So my Machinery Pete Tip to you...think about using a cell phone, yours or a family member's or friend's, and shoot video of you planting in the spring, video of harvesting in the fall. You and your equipment in action, on your farm. Then keep those video clips for future use. When it's time to trade in to your local dealer, let them know you have video of that piece of equipment in action on your farm, offer to provide the cell phone video clips to your dealer to help bolster the equipment listing and help them sell it easier and for more money. Or if you will be selling your piece of equipment privately at some point down the you'll have actual video footage of it rolling at work on your farm. Mention you have video of it in your advertising. Show it to interested buyers. Include a video clip of you standing by the machine talking simply about it. If it has an oil leak, just say it has an oil leak.

Honesty resonates. Big time.

I've been thinking about and chewing on this whole video to help sell used farm equipment now for 3 years. The future is becoming more clear to me every day.

And video is it.



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