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Never Used 1983 Gleaner M3 Combine Found

February 12, 2017

A 34 year old Combine that has never been used.

Can you imagine something like that existing? I know, hard to conceive of a harvester that hasn’t hit the field in three and half decades. But it’s true. This afternoon I talked with Joe Costner of Lawndale, NC. Joe is selling a 1983 Gleaner M3 combine with 8 engine hours on it. Here’s a pic:


Obviously the question begs, “Why never used?”

“My neighbor Johnny Segal is in his mid 60’s,” said Costner. “He got the combine in Kentucky. He went there to buy the heads for his Gleaners he had at home. The dealer in Kentucky was going to lose his dealership at the time and he had this combine. He was going out so he sold the heads and combine all together.”

“The only thing wrong with the combine was he had it in their shed and some guy threw something through the front glass, so the dealer gave Johnny new glass.”

Costner, age 39, first found out about his neighbor’s never used 1983 Gleaner M3 years ago. “First time I saw it my jaw dropped,” said Costner. “I have been begging him for years to sell it to me.”

“I asked him why he never used it. He told me he just put it in the shed because he had 3 already. He just considered it to be a spare.”

Shortly after Segal brought the new 1983 Gleaner M3 combine home from Kentucky with the heads he was after his son also purchased a new Gleaner L3 combine. So now between the two of them they had four working Gleaner combines the 1983 Gleaner M3 that just went into the shed.

And there it stayed.

Until three months ago when Costner was finally able to purchase it from his neighbor Johnny Segal. Now Costner is offering it for sale. He is asking $45,000 for the combine. Here are a few more pics:







“It really belongs in a museum somewhere,” Costner said. “I wonder if the company would want to buy it back?”

Could be, as it truly is a piece of history. Not every day you run across a never used 34 year old combine like this 1983 Gleaner M3. Here is the online for sale listing in case you are interested in contacting Costner:



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