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Elvis Presley's John Deere 4010 Tractor

March 14, 2017

I'm asked the question every day, have been for years..."Hey Pete, what's it worth?" But I've never been asked until today what a tractor owned by Elvis Presley is worth.

Here's the Twitter pic and question follower Michael Greenfield sent me this morning:


Of course the tricky (very) part here is trying to establish how much extra value, if any, this John Deere 4010 tractor carries simply because it belonged to The King of Rock & Roll. Kind of hard to believe its been nearly 40 years since Elvis left the building, having died on August 16, 1977.

We could debate and kick around how much we think the "Elvis factor" adds to the value of this tractor, but one thing I do know...the 10 highest auction sale prices on John Deere 4010 tractors from the past 17 years fall in the $15,750 - $20,000 range. (3) 4010's are tied for the record auction price of $20,000. Here's the John Deere 4010 Tractor - Top 10 Auction Price List:



Here's a pic of one of the $20,000 John Deere 4010's, this one a restored Industrial 4010 sold on a collector auction in central Oregon on May 24, 2014 by Polk Auction (


Back to Elvis...I got another tweet this afternoon from a follower directing me to Youtube to check out an old home movie of Elvis driving a tractor at Graceland back in 1957. But the tractor in the video was not a John Deere, it was a Farmall. Here's the cool vintage video of The King driving tractor:



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