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1973 IHC 1468 Sold for $27K Saturday on Indiana Auction

March 07, 2017

Compiling auction sale price data like I have for 27 plus years, often times emerging trends become crystal clear. Such as the trend of shifting tractor collector dollars toward muscle tractor models from the late 1960's into the 1970's.

More proof came Saturday (March 4, 2017) on a farm auction in northeast Indiana where this 1973 IHC 1468 with 2,200 hours, 1 owner, cab with heat, V8, sold for $27,000. Here's a pic:


So how does $27,000 rank in terms of the highest auction sale prices I've seen on IHC 1468's? Good question. Here's the answer...the Top 10 Highest Auction Prices on IHC 1468 Tractors:



* Data by

Note how 6 of the Top 10 highest auction prices on IHC 1468's have come since June of 2015. Like I said, the sales price data clearly shows emerging trends. This is the type of tractors folks are wanting to collect right now. 

The record highest auction sale price IHC 1468 came just seven months ago on an August 3, 2016 auction in southeast South Dakota. It was a 1973 model with 2,698 hours, cab/air/heat, 1 owner. Here's a picture of it:



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