2012 Goodyear 380/90R54R1 Set of 4 Rear Tires on Rims Wheels / Tires / Track

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Atlanta, Indiana

Atlanta, Indiana

Detailed Specifications
Stock #: 118305
- 2 John Deere 54" "Stub Flange" Rims That Bolt To The Insde Center Cast Wheel with Goodyear 380/90R54 R1 Tires (20%) Tread
- 2 John Deere 10 Bolt Hub Dual Wheel Rims That bolt to The Common 10 Hubs onMost Tractors with a Pair of 20% Tread Goodyear 380/90R54 R1 Tires

Seller Comments
Set of 4 used Goodyear 380/90R54 R1 Rear Tractor Tires on John Deere Rims Includes 2 of the " Stub Flange" Inside Tractor Rims that bolt to the Center Cast Wheel with Tires That are Approximately 20% Tread Remaining. Also Includes 2 of the 10 Bolt Hub-Type Dual Wheel Rims and 2 Goodyear 380/90R54R1 Tires That Have Approximately 20% Tread Remaining