2019 Kuhn Krause 8005-25 Vertical Tillage

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Mitch Simpson
Concordia, Missouri

Concordia Implement
Concordia, Missouri

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Stock #: C021672
Serial #: 8005-25-B0233

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New 2019 Kuhn Krause 25' Excellerator. Star Wheel with Rolling Harrow, Self Leveling Hitch, 22" 8MM Blades, Hydraulic Gang Adjust.
FOB Concordia MO

The KUHN Krause Excelerator® vertical tillage system provides exceptional residue cutting, soil and residue mixing and seed bed preparation in one pass, utilizing an exclusive 4-step process. True vertical tillage delivers residue cutting and soil mixing without soil shearing or smearing in the critical zone for seed placement and young seedling root development. With its unique Excalibur® VT (vertical tillage) blades, designed to meet the challenges of cutting tough GMO residue, you can be confident that the residue management achieved during fall operation will allow maximum residue decomposition over winter. In addition, spring operation will accomplish your goals of superior seedbed preparation in high residue situations.

Exclusive 4-Step Process
1) Capture and Slice
Excalibur® VT (Vertical Tillage) blades, with their distinctive scalloped edge, capture and slice residue into planter-manageable sizes. This exclusive, 32-flute design easily penetrates soil, creates small clod size and begins the soil and residue mixing process.
2) Cut and Remove
In this high-speed process, adjustable gang angles with Excalibur VT blades (on 8” spacing), remove the maximum amount of uncut soil at shallow depth settings, while minimizing furrowing and ridging for a smooth field finish. The adjustable gang angle gives you the choice to move soil laterally or to leave more residue.
3) Mix and Anchor
Exclusive to KUHN Krause, rotary Star Wheel™ treaders aggressively mix soil and residue, pulverize large clods, remove soil from disturbed root balls and anchor residue into the soil surface.
4) Size and Firm
The proven 24/7® soil conditioning reel delivers clod sizing and firming for this high-speed operation
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