2016 New Holland Boomer 24 Tractor

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Cortland, New York

Cortland, New York

Base Specifications

Key Specifications
Drive: 4 WD
HP: 24.4

Detailed Specifications
Stock #: B65146
Serial #: 2250001502

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8151604-- 23x8.50-12 4PR R3
8306804- 33x12-16.5 4PR R3

Serial Number: YGWLY0249
Stock: B65147

If your personal piece of heaven is between one and five acres, your plans can quickly outgrow the capabilities of ordinary lawn and garden tractors. When you need to haul dirt and mulch, mow acres of grass, till a garden or remove snow, a versatile Boomer™ 24 compact tractor can power all the implements you'll need and more.

Engine Features
More Power Working for You: For dependability you can count on, Boomer™ 24 compact tractors featuring powerful Mitsubishi diesel engines deliver 24 hp. What's more, the majority of the gross engine horsepower gets turned into usable power at the PTO to run a variety of implements thanks to an ultra-efficient Tier IV driveline.
Clean Tier IV Compliant Engines: 3-cylinder engines meet Tier IV regulations without the need for additional fluids or hardware. The Boomer™ 24 will run clean all day long with no extra operator input. They run clean - automatically.
Fewer Fill-Ups to Slow You Down: How far will you go with one of the largest fuel tanks on the market? Fill up the productivity-boosting 6.6-gallon, hood -mounted fuel tank and see for yourself. It's sure to last all day long.
Well-Equipped for Inclement Weather: To ensure fast starts in cold weather, Boomer™ 24 compact tractors come equipped with a quick-heating glow plug package and a heavy-duty 560 CCA battery that provides plenty of cranking power.
Made to Accommodate More: Superior battery charging and the capability to handle the higher demand of additional electrical accessories provided by a 50-amp alternator.
Transmission Features
No Gears to Get in Your Way: Driving a tractor has never been so easy; thanks to a high-performance, two-range dual-pedal hydrostatic transmission that eliminates the need for gears or clutching. Now you can control the exact speed you want for each task and shuttle more easily when mowing or doing loader work using the new dual forward and reverse foot pedals to propel the tractor.
More Traction to Take on More Tasks: To help you work more efficiently, four-wheel drive (4WD) comes standard on Boomer™ 24 compact tractors. Simply use the lever on the left fender to shift from 2WD to 4WD when you need some extra traction.
Cruise Through Tasks: Give your right foot a rest. Select and maintain a constant working speed with the standard cruise control. It really comes in handy for mowing larger properties and transporting your tractor from one location to another.
Two Ranges That Run the Gamut: Use the left-hand fender control pod to select the proper range for the task: LOW RANGE: Tilling; Blowing snow; Heavy mowing; Loader work. HIGH RANGE: Light mowing; Moving from job to job
Hitch and Hydraulics
Power Through Your Everyday Projects: Whether you plan to use a front-mounted loader, broom or blade to move mulch, gravel or snow, Boomer™ 24 compact tractors pack enough hydraulic power to keep up with your demands. You'll also have lots of power at the rear three-point hitch to lift and operate heavy implements to get more done.
Ample Power to Go Around: Responsive power steering is ensured by a 2.9-gpm dedicated steering pump. A separate 6.7-gpm implement pump powers implements. This way, one system won't tax the other during demanding conditions.
Two PTO Options: Versatility is built right in. An independent, mid PTO (2,000 rpm) can power a mid-mount mower and front-mounted implements like a snow blower or rotary broom. And an electro-hydraulically, independent, rear PTO (540 rpm) allows you to use rear-mounted implements such as a rotary tiller or utility rotary cutter. Both are electro-hydraulically engaged, making starting or stopping the implement as easy as turning a switch.
Premium Three-Point Hitch: Handle heavy duty tasks with a Category I three-point hitch that provides a 1,433-pound lift capacity. Precisely adjust the drop rate of three-point mounted implements with a flow control valve. Adjust rear-mounted implements safely thanks to adjustable stabilizers and a mechanical leveling mechanism.
Operator Platform
Advanced Ergonomics in Action: Comfort is the key to productivity. That's why Boomer™ 24 compact tractors are designed with your comfort in mind. You'll be able to work efficiently for longer periods of time thanks to the advanced ergonomic features found on the spacious and comfortable Boomer platform.
Premium Seating Comes Standard: A high-backed, flip-up, contoured seat glides on a fore/aft track to put you in the right spot to maximize your comfort and visibility.
New Dual Pedal HST: The Boomer™ 24 has been upgraded with a dual pedal HST, one pedal to go forward, one pedal to go backwards. A simple, smart design to keep you safe and help you to work fast.
Designed with Safety and Storage in Mind: The Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) helps protects you if the machine tips over. All Boomer compact tractors have a foldable ROPS so you can drive under trees and lower overhangs, and easily store the tractor in low-clearance areas. Remember to always wear your seatbelt.
Easy-to-reach controls are color-coded and labeled with their functions.
Dashboard instrumentation includes fuel gauge, temperature gauge, digital tachometer and hour meter, cold starting aid indicator and warning lights for engine oil pressure and battery charge.
Added conveniences include a cup holder and tool tray.
Outstanding Versatility, Strength and Visibility: If you need to move gravel, mulch, plants, dirt or hay as quickly as possible, you'll want a 235TLA front-end loader. It features a distinctive, curved-boom design that integrates with the sleek hood of your Boomer™ 24 compact tractor, giving you a clear view of the loader's operation for added safety and productivity.
Easy to Operate: The joystick control mounts on the right fender and is positioned comfortably within reach of the operator.
Tool-Free Mounting: Simple, Quick-Attach™ design allows you to easily mount and remove the loader without tools or the help of another person.
Excellent Value and Performance: Invest in your future. The 235TLA front-end loader is designed for durability, long life and excellent reliability. It offers construction-grade, heavily reinforced toughness at a value price.
Lift Capacity: 1,034 lb (470 kg)
Break-out Force: 1,672 lb (760 kg)
Max Lift Height: 80.7 inch (2050 mm)
Bucket Width: 54 inch (1371 mm)
Mid-Mount Mowers
Mow Like a Pro: Whether you have one acre to mow, or have multiple acres to tackle, a Boomer™ 24 with a mid-mount mower can help you cut it down to a more manageable size. When you've outgrown a riding mower, a Boomer™ 24 compact tractor is right for you.
Adjusts to Changing Conditions: For a uniform cut, a free-floating, four-bar linkage allows the mower to move up and down to follow the contours of your land.
Powerful, Precision Cutting: Three overlapping blades spin at up to 18,000 ft per minute for smooth, efficient cutting action.
Mower Deck Height Control: You can easily change the cutting height with a mechanical height adjustment located on the 3-point hitch.
Built to Mow for Many Years: The mid-mount mower's fabricated design is stronger than the competition and can stand up to many seasons of use.
Cutting width: 60 inch (1524 mm)
Three blades
Blade tip speed: 18,000 fpm
Cutting height: From 1.75 to 4.5 inches; 0.5 in. increments (45 to 114 mm; 13 mm)
Maintenance Meets Convenience: Maintaining a Boomer™ 24 compact tractor is easy because all routine maintenance points are located on the right side of the engine. Plus, you can easily check engine oil level without raising the hood and without removing the loader.
Best-In-Class Access: Access doesn’t get any easier than this. The high-pivot hood lifts on a mechanical rod to provide complete access to the engine, radiator and battery for easy inspection and routine maintenance.
Quick and Easy Fluid Level Checks: A dipstick located at the rear of the tractor allows you to check transmission, rear axle, and hydraulic system fluid levels. A large fill port is also provided here.
Filters Provide All-Around Protection: Single-element fuel filter protects the engine's fuel injection system from rust, dirt and water. A full-flow, spin-on oil filter provides protection to the engine lubricating system.
Extended Powertrain Warranty: For greater peace of mind, Boomer™ 24 compact tractors come with Boomer Guard 5 - one of the best warranties offered in the industry - with 2 years bumper to bumper warranty and a 5 year warranty for the powertrain.
Gross horsepower, hp (kw): 24.4 (18.2)
Rated speed (rpm): 2700
Type: 3-cylinder diesel Tier 4
Displacement, cu. in. (L): 80.4 (1.3)
Air cleaner: Single replaceable dry element
Fuel tank, gal. (L): 6.6 (25)
Alternator, amps: 50
PTO: Standard rear and mid PTO
PTO HP (HST), hp (kw): 18.5 (13.8)
PTO speed (rpm): 540 rear/2000 mid PTO
PTO type: Electro-hydraulic engaged; independent
Type, Mechanical/hydrostatic: HST+2 range
Maximum forward speed, HST – mph (kph), R4: 11.3 (18.6)
Cruise control: Standard
Rear diff. lock engagement: Mechanical/foot
Brake type: Mechanical/wet, multi disc
Implement hydraulic flow, gal. (lpm): 6.7 (25.5)
Steering hydraulic flow, gal. (lpm): 2.9 (11)
Remote valve: Optional DIA
3-point lift capacity @ ball ends, gal. (lpm): 1433 (650)
3-point linkage category: 1
Steering type: Hydrostatic
Dimensions / Weight
Wheel base, in. (cm): 59 (150)
Length, in. (cm): 103.6 (263.2)
Height (ROPS), in. (cm): 85.5 (217.3)
Width, in. (cm): 49.1 (124.7)
Weight (HST), lbs. (kg): 1708 (775)
Tire choice: R3 turf tread or R4 industrial tread
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