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Luke or Kevin Nessa
Zearing, Iowa

Zearing, Iowa

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NEW NutriMax 2600 Liquid Applicator. Narrow transport, high capacity, Steerable Hitch!!
Features and Benefits:
— Tank sizes 2600 & 1800 Gallons.
— Containment Tank “Sump” – acts like a sump within a sump for holding the last 30-50 gallons of liquid on side-hills and inclines to maintain a primed pump.
— Stainless Steel Baffle – load stabilization.
— Two Tank Volume Indicators – with red float for easy viewing from the tractor cab and from the rear of unit for filling.
— 3” Quick-Fill – quick tank filling from ground level on rear of unit.
— 9-Gallon Clean Water Tank – equipped with eye-wash tube and spout for quick response.
— Toolbar Crop Clearance – 32” of toolbar clearance with coulters 4” in the ground.
— Wing Flex – 15 degrees above horizon and 10 degrees below horizon
— Toolbar Sizes – 60’/66’
— Toolbar dimensions – Dual 5”x7” tube on center section and mid-wings. Single 6”x6” tube on outer wing.
— Wing Kick – 15 degrees of wing tilt to provide extra clearance of the toolbar while turning on the headlands. — Dual Width Toolbar – 60’ toolbar folds at 40’ for two width application.
— Gauge Wheels – 2 x 15” gauges wheels mounted on toolbar and 2 - 20.5x8-10 on outer wings. — Side Fold Design – Narrow transport and minimum dealer setup
— Adjustable Dual Wheel Axle – infinitely adjustable from 60” to 120” to accommodate a variety of wheel sizes and row crop spacing.
— Red or Green Powder Coat Finish – a high-quality finish that resists corrosion.
— 14” Wide Tracks – Equalizer style design that has the ability of self-camber tread setting 88” to 144”. — Single and Dual Tire Configuration
— 20” Rippled Coulter Blade
— 6 Bolt Coulter Hubs – 1500 lbs of down pressure — Coulter Spacing – 20”, 22” and 30”.
— Injection Nozzle or Knife Injector
— Electric Ball Valves Mounted On Toolbar – for faster response times.
— 5 Section Control – enables on/off control of each toolbar section.
— 4 SCV Remotes on Standard Unit – additional remote required with steerable hitch option.
— Optional Raven 450 rate controller with Astro II GPS Receiver – this system utilizes GPS speed sensor. The Astro is easily installed and is not affected by crop canopy or tough field conditions.
— Raven ISO-BUS Control – allows operator to utilize OEM Virtual Terminal in Tractor.
— Hydraulic Pump – Ace 205 pump PWM
— Stainless Steel Pump – Ace 205 stainless steel pump
— Inductor System – uses the pressure side of the pump for induction of product that protects the pump from abrasive and harsh substances and provides faster induction into tank. Agitation is standard with the inductor system.
— Steerable Hitch
— 2-Point Hitch – allows for better distribution of tongue weight on the tractor.
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