2019 Krause Landsman 6205-45 Soil Finisher

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Mike Stephenson
Logansport, Indiana

New Holland Logansport, Inc.
Logansport, Indiana

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Stock #: KRB0253
Serial #: 6205-45-B0253

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The KUHN Krause Landsman® 6205 delivers excellent residue flow handling capability, soil mixing, conditioning and leveling in one pass. 1. Cut Residue Exclusive KUHN Krause Excalibur® blades with their 32-flute edge uniformly size residue for smooth flow through the machine. The gang, angled 8 degrees toward the rear of the machine, minimizes lateral soil movement to improve the leveling action of the shanks. 2. Mix Cultivator shanks provide thorough mixing action, dislodge weeds and settle soil. The Landsman® offers a 9” spacing for maximum residue handling capabilities. 3. Level Soil Tine or spike harrows provide excellent clod breaking and additional leveling action. 4. Enhance Seedbed Condition The exclusive 24/7® Soil Conditioning Reel, 3-row tine with reel accomplishes final clod sizing and soil firming with the ability to select a range of constant down pressure or float position to extend the weather/tillage window. Manage Residue Crop residue management is critical for a healthy, productive soil environment. Sized residue, properly mixed into the soil, minimizes soil compaction, releases stored nutrients and aids in moisture infiltration. Residue cover provides protection against soil erosion from heavy rainfall and high winds. The front-mounted gangs on the Landsman® are the beginning of this crop residue management process. The 8° gang angle and Excalibur® VT blades combine to minimize lateral soil movement. The exclusive 32-flute Excalibur blade uniformly sizes residue and begins the leveling process. The 9-1/8” blade spacing provides 24% more residue cutting force than competitive models with narrower blade spacing. Hydraulic gang control, providing on-the-go adjustment is standard. Equipment Specs - 14’ 11” transport width - 13’ 6” transport height - 5 section frame - 61 shanks - 9” shank spacing - 60 blades - 9 1/8” blade spacing - 45’ working width - 21,426 lbs overall weight - 8 degree gang angle - 7” edge on spring shankExpress Financing Get Pre-ApprovedGet a FR8Star Shipping Estimate

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