2015 Great Plains 2543SC Soil Finisher

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Batavia, New York

Batavia, New York

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Stock #: B64322
Serial #: GP1517HH

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Add a Great Plains Precision Seedbed Conditioner to your present finishing tool to prepare the perfect seedbed by firming the soil, reducing air pockets, incorporating chemicals, breaking up surface clods, knocking soil off root crowns, and preventing wind and water erosion in one pass. Create an unmatched seedbed that places the finer particles of soil in the planting zone, allowing perfect seed-to-soil contact to boost the emergence of your crop. All reel sections overlap for superior finish and no streaking. Wings flex up and down 15°, allowing the conditioner to follow the contour of the ground, providing flexibility like no other. Features 16" Diameter Reels With 1" Rods - For higher strength and resistance to damage from stones. Exclusive Maintenance-Free Bearings - Great Plains uses the exclusive PEER® TILLXTREME® Maintenance-Free Pillow-Block Bearings in its gangs, as well as smaller TILLXTREME Maintenance-Free Bearings in its rolling attachments. Hydraulic Weight Transfer - Transfer valve adjusts weight from center to wings, providing even, constant down pressure to the full width. Single Hydraulic Circuit - This feature allows a simple and quick way to attach to the host machine. Spring-Cushioned Reels - Provide maintenance-free pivot points. Chassis Tires: 11Lx15 12-ply (2) or 9.5Lx15 12-ply (4) Dimensions Tilling Width: 43' 6" Transport Height: 14' Transport Width: 17' 6" Weight: (approx. lbs) 7,310 General Information Wings: (Center Section) 12' ; (1st Wing Section) 9' 6" ; (2nd Wing Section) 6'
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