2016 GVM Mako 400HC Self-Propelled Sprayer

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Mitch Simpson
Marshall, Missouri

Marshall, Missouri

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Hours: 793

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Stock #: C017302

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2016 Mako 400 Sprayer. This machine has a 400 gallon tank, Raven E-Pro Monitor, Raven Accuboom (automatic boom shut-off), Raven Smartrax (autosteer), 25 gallon foam marker and 60/80 boom. Named after one of the most prized, aggressive, and intelligent predators, the Mako will be the first to the fields this spring. The Mako is the smallest, most compact self-propelled sprayer in the marketplace offering a light footprint, leaving behind minimal soil compaction and little to no crop damage. It's aggressive and reliable all-mechanical powertrain makes the Mako the perfect solution for farmers, growers, co-ops, and Ag Retailers of all sizes. In addition to reliability, the powertrain offers plenty of horsepower, a quick response, fuel efficiency, and high field speeds. 400-gallon product tank 46 inches of clearance 13.8 ft turning radius Tier 3 Cummins, 130 hp 4.5L engine Automatic Allison 5-speed transmission Fuel-efficient mechanical Drivetrain The Mako's Allison 2100 Series 5-speed transmission delivers unrivaled reliability and durability day in and day out. Its patented, Continuous Power Technology delivers smooth and seamless full-power shifts, superior acceleration, reliable start ability, and high field speeds. Speed Ranges 1st: 4.5 mph (7.2 kph) 2nd: 7.7 mph (12.4 mph) 3rd: 10.1 mph (16.3 kph) 4th: 14.1 mph (22.8 kph) 5th: 22 mph (35.4 kph) The sprayer-specific Mako cab is simple, spacious, and comfortable. Whether you’re headed out for a quick job or a long day of application, the Mako will keep you cool and comfortable. Step through the large, glass door into the air conditioned cab, and you’ll notice ample leg room, a comfortable, air ride seat, and unobstructed visibility. Next, you’ll find that all controls are smartly organized, easily within an arm’s reach, and simple to operate. Once inside, optimize your comfort by adjusting your seat position, angle and air support, lumbar support, and the tilt and telescoping steering wheel. As you head to the field, you’ll immediately notice the quiet drivetrain and well-insulated cab are designed to maximize operator comfort. You’ll also notice the large glass windows and door maximize your visibility to help you monitor your application. Unobstructed visibility, 28 ft³ of glass including a full glass door Simple, clean, well-organized controls Comfortable air ride seat Air conditioned Tilt & telescoping steering wheel Charcoal filter Boom System/Options: Boom options: 60/80' (18.3/24.4 m) steel, Electronically controlled, 5-section manifolds Hydraulic adjustable boom height, boom fold w/ cylinder cushion, & boom tip lift Inner boom breakaway w/ shock absorber, auto resetExpress Financing Get Pre-ApprovedGet a FR8Star Shipping Estimate

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