2019 Force Unlimited PRO-FORCE FL3430 Pull-Type Fertilizer Spreader

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Carey Umbarger
Clear Lake, Iowa

Clear Lake, Iowa

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Is it time to update your worn out Air Machine? Have you left pieces of your boom on fence posts, electric poles, or tree trunks? Do you want to spread 33% more acres in a day? Check out the Pro Force beds at Fertilizer Equipment Specialists, Clear Lake, Iowa! Single bin all he way to 4 bins, the Pro Force spreader can do it all. Spread Fertilizer from 80 to 110 feet wide, Lime & Gypsum 60-80 feet! The Pro Force will also do all of your Poultry litter, compose, organic material, dry cattle lot litter, shavings, and anything pelitiized. This system will out spread any other conventional spinner system by 30+% every day. We can update your old spreader with a new ProForce bed, sandblast your rear chassis frame, prime and Ryno-line your chassis prior to installing your new system! We have a long list of satisfied customers, call for referrals. Do you want to add Cover Crop spreading to your operation? Add the 3rd or 4th bin and seed your radish, rye, field peas, or other small seeds with your fertilizer application. Call today for details. Models available to handle from 10 to 25 ton. 12 foot to 26 foot systems available! 304 Stainless Steel system, the bed is 100% 304 Stainless steel! ***Options*** Twin Bin Duo system Granular bin.. single or twin bin. Scale system The ultimate spinner system, don't buy the competitor's copy that won't spreader Fertilizer or can't be updated into a multi bin system. Invest in the state of the art system that will be the most effective for your operation! Call us today to order the best spinner box on the market. Contact us at 641-243-7896.
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