John Deere 1790 Planter

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David Cressy
White Hall, Illinois

White Hall, Illinois

Key Specifications
Seed Boxes: Central Fill System

Detailed Specifications
Stock #: 121944
Serial #: 1A01790CKDA755463
Hopper: Central Fill System
- English Operators Manual and Decal Kit
- Central Commodity System - Two 50 Bu. Tanks
- Tri-Fold Markers with 16 In. Notched Disk, Depth Gauging Band and Control Independent of Planter Lift
- Variable Drive with Two Hydraulic Motors with Half - Width Disconnect
- Two Point Hitch
- Pro-Shaft Drive with Pro-Series XP Row Units with RowCommand Clutches
- Tru-Vee Openers with Single Walking Gauge Wheels
- Rubber Tire Closing Wheels
- SeedStar Monitor System Less Tractor Harness, Less Display, Less Radar
- Vacuum Level Sensor for SeedStar Monitor System
- Regular Seed Tube with AccuCount Sensor
- Pneumatic Down Force System
- Steel Scrapers for Tru-Vee Openers
- Unit Mounted Coulter with 0.63 In. 25 Fluted Blade and Floating Row Cleaner
- Regular Parallel Arms
- ProMax 40 Flat Disks
- Soybean Seed Metering Disks

Seller Comments
2014 John Deere 1790 16/31 CCS Planter Vac,Pro Shaft Hyd Var Rate Drive,Less Refugee,Seedstar2 Mon Less Display,2 Point,Pneumatic Down Force,Steel Scrapers, Residue Managers and No-Tills on Corn Rows, No Tills All Rows, Row Command Clutches, Pro Max 40 + Bean Disks. Before driving to see this item, please call or email to confirm availability.