2019 White 9816VE Planter

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Kokomo, Indiana

Plevna Implement Company - Kokomo
Kokomo, Indiana

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Call for price 2019 White 9816VE
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Call for price 0 White 9816VE
Call for price 2019 White 9816VE
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Key Specifications
No. of Rows: 16
Row Spacing: 30

Detailed Specifications
Stock #: 17055
Serial #: W98160Z980012

Seller Comments
Our 9800VE Series takes the trusted systems White Planters have used for years and supplements them with proven designs and innovations to give an even higher level of performance. Our planter provides the speed, accuracy and assurance needed to deliver the yields the future will expect. The next-generation White Planters™ 9800VE Series combines the tested White Planters design with cutting-edge Precision Planting® technologies. From the vSet® meter that can provide unrivaled accuracy across crops, seed sizes and conditions to the optional DeltaForce® variable down force system that gets seeds to the right depth without over-compacting the trench to the optional SpeedTube that enables accurate seed spacing at increased speeds, you’ll get top performance that you can see in real time on your 20/20 SeedSense® monitor. SpeedTube Planting with SpeedTube enables accurate seed spacing at increased speeds. There's no opportunity for seeds to ricochet into the trench. Even at twice the speed you normally plant, every seed safely arrived at the bottom of the trench and is evenly spaced. Singulation Accuracy Features vSet® electric drive meters from Precision Planting®. Each row unit acts as an individual planter and can adjust to varying ground speeds when planting contours, row by row, so that population and seed spacing is consistent across the entire width of the planter in all conditions. 20/20 SeedSense The fully integrated SeedSense monitor tracks population, skips, doubles, speed, row unit ride, down force and ground contact on the go, immediately displaying information on a color screen, allowing the operator to seed precisely, maintain depth, avoid compaction and troubleshoot mechanical problems. DeltaForce The optional DeltaForce hydraulic downforce control matches field conditions on-the-go to provide consistent seed depth placement for each individual row. Downforce is adjusted automatically to minimize compaction or shallow placement, for a seed environment that delivers uniform emergence leading to maximum yield. Optional Row Unit Attachments - DeltaForce Active Hydraulic DownForce - Heavy Duty Down Pressure Springs - Angled Rubber Closing Wheels - Angled Cast Closing Wheels - Row Unit Gauge Wheel Scraper - vSet - Drive - VSRM - SpeedTube - 20/20 SeedSense Optional Row Unit Mounted Tillage - Tillage Coulter with Ripple Blade - Tillage Coulter with 13 Flute Blade - Tillage Coulter with 25 Flute Blade - Residue Manager - Finger Wheel - Residue Manager - SharkTooth® Wheel - Floating Residue Manager - SharkTooth® Wheel - Tillage Coulter without Blade - Liquid Fertilizer - Single Disc Fertilizer Openers - Liquid Side Knife - Double Disc Fertilizer Openers Planter Type: PullExpress Financing Get Pre-ApprovedGet a FR8Star Shipping Estimate

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