2016 John Deere 1775NT Planter

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Matt Bernabei
Mendota, Illinois

Mendota, Illinois

Key Specifications
No. of Rows: 24
Row Spacing: 30 in
Seed Boxes: Mini

Detailed Specifications
Stock #: 145440
Serial #: 1A01775HJGM765245
Rows: 24
Row Spacing: 30 in
Frame: Flex Fold
Metering System: Exact Emerge
Hopper: Mini
Options: Electric Drive
- ExactEmerge Package
- Central Commodity System
- Two Point Hitch
- Electric Drive with Planter Power Generation
- Electric Drive ExactEmerge Meter
- Tru-Vee Openers with Single Walking Gauge Wheels
- Steel Scrapers
- Mini Seed Hoppers with High-Performance Meter
- Active Pneumatic Down Force System
- Rubber Tire Closing Wheels
- Trench-Delivery System with ExactRate Sensor
- Unit Mounted Coulter with 0.63 In. 25 Fluted Blade and Pneumatically Controlled Row Cleaner
- Markers with 16 In. Notched Disks, Depth Gauging Bands and Control Independent of Planter Lift
- Regular Parallel Arms
- Frame Weight Distribution
- ExactEmerge Corn Bowl
- ExactEmerge Soybean Bowl

Seller Comments
1775NT High Speed Exact Emerge 24 Row Planter with CCS, SeedStar 3 HP, Active Pneumatic Down Force, Keeton Seed Firmers