BaumaLight ST650 Loader and Skid Steer Attachment

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Logan, Utah

Logan, Utah

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ST650: Dual Hinged 6 Blade This six-blade skid steer mounted tree spade can move trees with trunks up to 5" in diameter and a root ball 50" in diameter and 43" deep. The dual-hinged outer frame arms allow the Nomad tree spade to open up and hug the tree for accurate positioning and to prevent damage to lower branches. The six blades deliver easier spading, cleaner cuts and a better root ball for a more viable transplant. Nomad ST650 5" Evergreen 4" Hardwood Wheeled Skidsteer - 9200 lbs Tracked Skidsteer - 8500 lbs Wheel Loader - 8000 lbs Min. 3PH - 10000 lbs Min. Tractor Loader - 13000 lbs Min. Backhoe - 8000 lbs Telehandler - 8000 lbs