2019 Loftness G4 Loader and Skid Steer Attachment

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Keast Enterprises
Henderson, Iowa

Henderson, Iowa

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The G4 features a two-stage cutting chamber with counter teeth and a shear bar for more efficient cutting action, smaller particle size an less wrapping with viney material This highly efficient shearing action produces the finest mulch with the lowest horsepower requirement of any carbide mulching head. The multi-stage cutting action begins with the rotor picking up material and forcing it to pass between the moving carbide teeth and the stationary counter teeth. The staggered pattern and angles of the counter teeth promote an aggressive feeding action, while still minimizing the jamming that plagues competitive cutters. The partially reduced chamber behind the front bumper. Here, the material is processed to a fine mulch as it passes between the carbide teeth and the recutter bar bnefore being discharged toward the ground.

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