2017 Bear Cat CH800H Forestry and Mining

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Princeville, Illinois

German-Bliss Equipment - Princeville
Princeville, Illinois

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Stock #: 42263A
Serial #: G06821

Seller Comments
The ECHO Bear Cat CH800H chipper is driven by the hydraulic system of the skid or track steer loader it's mounted to. The CH800H requires 25-38 gpm flow to drive the hydraulic feed roller and chipping rotor. At 38 gpm flow, the 275 lb. rotor turns at 2,500 rpm. The CH800H chipper features two, universal attachment plate positions so the user can feed the chipper from the side or front, depending on what the operator needs or the situation dictates. The 360 degree rotating discharge tube with deflector cap allows placement of chips wherever they need to go.

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