2013 John Deere 2720 Disk Chisel | $29,900

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Assumption, Illinois

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Assumption, Illinois

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Stock #: 31636
Serial #: 1A82720XHD0750600

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2013 JD 2720 11 SHANK DISK RIPPER,11-30", 27'6" WORKING WIDTH, KNIFE BLADE ROLLING BASKETS, 5" POINTS,22 3/4"FRONT BLADES,23 1/4" REAR BLADES,340/65R18 MAINS,11L WINGS,PAINT A LITTLE DULL, Call, email, or visit sloans.com for the current location of this item. Other websites show the location as Assumption, IL or Monroe, WI, while it may be at any of Sloan’s 20 stores.