2020 John B.M. Mfg Double Bar Feeder 16 Cattle Equipment

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Jack Schmitt
Holy Cross, Iowa

Holy Cross, Iowa

Detailed Specifications
- 4000 lb. six bolt hub and spindle
- 16 inch 10-ply used truck tires
- Tight cornering front dolly
- "V" floor for easy feed flow to outside of pan
- Constructed of heavy-duty 12 ga steel
- Complete T-frame undercarriage

Seller Comments
The secondary double bars eliminate waste and prevent cattle from pulling hay out of the wagon and onto the ground. Available in 12FT (28 Feeding Spaces) for $3,800, 16FT (34 Feeding Spaces) for $4,200, 20FT (40 Feeding Spaces) for $4,600, 24FT for $5,000 (46 Feeding Spaces), 30FT for $6,750 (52 Feeding Spaces)