2008 John Deere 6230 Tractor | $35,000

Contact Information
Yuma, Colorado

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Yuma, Colorado

Base Specifications

Key Specifications
Drive: 2 WD
HP: 75
Hours: 4689

Detailed Specifications
Stock #: C071956
Serial #: L06230B580754
Configuration: Standard
Cab: Cab
Transmission: Power Reverser
Guidance-ready: No
Front Axle: 2WD
Tire Width: Mid
Loader: No
Rear PTO: 540
- Standard Cab
- Adjustable 2WD Front Axle (59.1-74 In.)
- 18.4R30 In. 142A8 R1W Radial(460/85R30 In. 145A8 R1W Radial)
- 11L-16 In. 8PR F3 Bias
- SyncroPlus 16F/16R Transmission with Left Hand Power Reverser (19 mph/30 kmh)
- Rear Independent 540 RPM PTO
- Flanged Axle, 8 Position Steel Wheels
- Deluxe Cab Corner Post Exhaust with Underhood Muffler
- Super Comfort Seat (MSG 83) with Mechanical Suspension,3-In. Seat Cushion
- Fuel Tank, 48.8 Gallon (185L)
- Condensor Screen, Air Conditioning (4 or 6 cylinder engine)
- Telescopic Rear View Mirrors (2) - Manually Adjustable
- No Specific Tire brand
- Whell weights do not go with tractor