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September 16, 2021

Old Tractors for Sale

Old tractors have become an increasingly hot commodity for farmers and collectors alike—and for good reason, too. For some, antique tractors bring about childhood memories and nostalgic feelings. For others, farming with old tractors is their preferred method because older tractors tend to be easier to fix and maintain than modern tractors. And some are looking to purchase an older tractor because they’re often sold at a lower price than new tractors. 

No matter your reason for looking to buy an old tractor, there are some things you should know before making your purchase. This article will explore what is considered an antique tractor, how to find a solid piece of equipment, how much you can expect to pay, and more.

What is Considered an Antique Tractor?

If being able to classify your tractor as antique is important to you, you’re probably wondering how old of a tractor you need to buy. The truth is, when it comes to tractors, there’s no clearly-defined categorizations. Terms like “antique,” “vintage,” and even “classic” have different and overlapping meanings depending upon who you ask. But that can make it difficult when you’re shopping around for collector’s items or the best tractors to restore to perfection.

For a toy or collectible to be considered an antique, it needs to be 100 years old. For an automobile, it needs to be 25 years old. Many people put tractors in the auto category, meaning a tractor must be at least 25 years old to be considered antique. This is true especially for some insurance companies

However, keep in mind this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Some tractor clubs, for example, have bylaws that state that antique tractors must date back to 1970, or even earlier. If you’re looking for an antique tractor to show, it’s best to consult the clubs or shows you’ll be attending for any specific guidelines they may use. 

If you’re looking for a tractor for regular use, you’re probably less concerned with if your tractor is antique and more concerned with how well it’ll run—and for how long. Find out more on this in the next section.

How Much Should I Pay for a Used Tractor for my farm?

How much you spend on an old tractor depends upon a variety of factors, including how well it’s been maintained, if it’s a rare model, and more. If you’re looking for a tractor for your farm, here are some things to consider while you’re shopping around:

  • What year, make, and model is the tractor, and are parts still readily available?
  • Are there safety features, like a roll bar, seat belt or safety switch? These are common in tractors produced after 1960, and are an important part of having a safe tractor for day-to-day use.
  • Does the tractor have a three-point hitch?
  • How worn are the tires, and is the wear uneven?
  • Are there dents, rust, or areas of missing paint?
  • Do all the electronic components, like flashers, dash lights, and headlights work?
  • How worn are the brakes or clutch?
  • What color exhaust does the tractor put off after it’s been running for a few minutes? White, blue, or black smoke might indicate a problem that’ll need repaired.
  • How many hours are displayed on the meter?

Generally speaking though, old tractors can go for somewhere between $3,000 for a small, under 40 horsepower (hp) tractor to $75,000+ for a tractor with 100-174 hp, depending upon the factors listed above. 

Why are Old Tractors so Expensive?

Now, seeing that price range might make you wonder why they’re so expensive. There are a lot of reasons—one of the primary being that new tractors are pricey, which drives up the price, and demand, of older tractors. And, tractors are heavy-duty agricultural tools that are built to last. With proper care, it’s not unusual for tractors to average thousands of hours before needing unscheduled maintenance.

The good news is, affordable old tractors are definitely out there. 

Rare tractors, those with low hours, and those in particularly good shape are often going to run a fairly high price tag. But that’s for a reason. They’re either collector’s items or they shouldn’t require many—if any—repairs in the immediate future. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, you can expect to pay a little more.

If you’re looking for old tractors for sale cheap, there are plenty of great options. You can expect to find a tractor at a lower price point, but know that some repairs will probably be needed. If you’re handy or looking for a project, this can be a great way to save some money.

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