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2001 John Deere 925F
Category: Harvesting
Specs: 25' grain platform, full fingered auger, hyd. F/A, poly skid, contour master shafts
1997 Jet 34' Steel Grain Trailer
Category: Grain Handling
Specs: 66" sides, roll tarp, spring ride, 22.5" tires
1996 John Deere 8100
Category: Tractors
Hours: 9121
Specs: MFWD tractor, PS trans, 4hyd. outlets, 1000 PTO, 18.4R46 rear tires, 16.9-30 front tires, front fenders, quick hitch
1996 John Deere 9600
Category: Harvesting
Hours: 4734
Specs: 2WD, hopper extension, chopper, Vittetoe chaff spreader, 18.4-38 drive tires, and duals, 14.9-24 steer tires, 3340 sep hs
1996 John Deere 6300
Category: Tractors
Hours: 7040
Specs: MFWD, open station w/ROPS, SyncroPlus trans, 2hyd. outlets, 540 PTO, quick hitch, 18.4R26 rear tires, 10.5/80R18 front tires w/JD 620 loader, 84" material bucket
1995 John Deere 893
Category: Harvesting
Specs: 8R30" poly corn head
1994 John Deere 7800
Category: Tractors
Hours: 6632
Specs: 2WD tractor, PS trans, 3hyd. outlets, 540 PTO, front and rear weights, 18.4R38 rear tires, 11.00-16 front tires
1993 International 8100
Category: Trucks and Trailers
Specs: day cab semi, Cummins engine, 9 spt rans, 148" WB, air brakes, spring ride, 22.5" tires
1988 Kiefer 20'
Category: Livestock Equipment
Specs: 7'x20' GN livestock trailer, tandem axle, single divide gate, 16.5" tires
1978 John Deere 4440
Category: Tractors
Specs: 2WD, cab, QR trans, 2hyd. outlets, 540/1000 PTO, quick hitch, rear weights, 480/80R38 rear tires, 11.00-16 front tires, 625 hrs on overhaul
NA 300 Gallon
Category: Other
Specs: fuel tank on stands
NA 500 Gallon
Category: Other
Specs: diesel tank w/12 volt pump
NA 300 Gallon
Category: Other
Specs: fuel tank on stand
Kinze 2600
Category: Planting
Specs: 16/31 twin line interplant planter, no till, 1.5 bu boxes, press wheel closers, AMVAC Smart Box insecticide system, KM3000 monitor
John Deere 7000
Category: Planting
Specs: 6R30" planter, insecticide boxes, monitor
John Deere 230
Category: Tillage
Specs: 19.5' disk, walking tandem tires, 9" spacings
John Deere 235
Category: Tillage
Specs: 28' disk, walking tandem axles, 9" spacings
Wil-Rich Quad 5
Category: Tillage
Specs: 32.5' FC, 5 bar spring tooth harrow, walking tandem axles, knock off sweeps
Oliver 566
Category: Tillage
Specs: 5 bottom plow
Glencoe 9-shank
Category: Tillage
Specs: buster bar leveler
White 378
Category: Tillage
Specs: 12R30", 3pt cultivator, rolling shields
Hesston 1014
Category: Hay and Forage
Specs: hydra swing mower conditioner, needs work
John Deere 450
Category: Applicators
Specs: hydra push single axle manure spreader, poly floor, single beater, rear gate, 540 PTO
John Deere 566
Category: Hay and Forage
Specs: round baler, net wrap and twine tie, tucker wheels, 540 PTO, monitor