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2016 Ferris IS700Z
Category: Other
Hours: 98
Specs: 52" deck, 27 hp Briggs and Stratton
2012 John Deere Gator XUV 825I
Category: Other
Hours: 722
Specs: 4WD, full poly cab, front brush guard, fender guards, bucket seats, turn signals, 8944 miles
2012 Dodge Ram 2500
Category: Trucks and Trailers
Specs: 4WD pickup, Cummins 6.7 diesel eng, auto trans, crwe cab, short bed, 17" tires, AMP power running boards, B&W GN hitch, 44,518 miles
2012 John Deere 7215R
Category: Tractors
Hours: 1428
Specs: MFWD, IVT trans, 4 hyd. outlets, 43 GPM hyd. pump, 540/1000 PTO, 480/80R46 rear tires and duals, 420/90R30 front tires, front fenders, front weights
2011 Jet 34
Category: Grain Handling
Specs: alum hopper bottom grain trailer, spring ride, ag hoppers, 60" sides, air actuated doors, roll tarp, 22.5" wheels aluminum outer, black in color
2011 Case IH 3020
Category: Harvesting
Specs: 35' terra flex platform, full finger auger, hyd. F/A, 2400 total acres
2011 John Deere 6430
Category: Tractors
Specs: premium MFWD, 24 sp auto quad plus trans, 2 hyd outlets, 540/1000 PTO, 460/85R38 rear tires, w/JD 673 SL loader, joystick, hood guard, 7' bucket
2010 Case IH 6088
Category: Harvesting
Hours: 1444
Specs: 999 sep hrs, 2WD, field tracker, rock trap, chopper, power fold bin ext, long unload auger, 900/60-32 drive tires, 540/65R30 steer tires, 2 sp hydro, electronic sieve adjust, Pro 600 monitor, Ag Leader hyd. auto steer valve
2009 John Deere 835
Category: Hay and Forage
Specs: mower conditioner, 11'6" impeller conditioner, 2 pt hitch, 1000 PTO
2007 Case IH Magnum 305
Category: Tractors
Hours: 1986
Specs: MFWD, 19 sp PS trans, 4hyd outlets, 540/1000 PTO, 480/80R50 rear tires and duals, 480/70R34 front tires and duals, front fenders, front and rear weights, mirrors, leather
2007 PJ Flatbed
Category: Trucks and Trailers
Specs: 22' GN flatbed trailer, 16' gravity tilt and 6' stationary deck, tandem axle, front chain box
2006 John Deere 3520
Category: Tractors
Hours: 762
Specs: MFWD utility tractor, E hydro, 1 hyd. outlet, 540 mid and rear PTO, foldable ROPS with canopy, 12.4-24 rear tires, 7-16 front tires, JD 300X loader w/joystick, 5' bucket, hood guard
2005 John Deere 1790
Category: Planting
Specs: CCS 12/23 planter, Pro series row units, hyd. drive, vac, Yetter shark tooth row cleaners w/Precision clead sweep air adjust on corn rows, no till coulters on all rows, Tru Count air cluthces on corn rows, 2 pt hitch, pneumatic down pressure, rubber closing wheels, Pro Max 40 corn disks, soybean disks, 350 monitor
1999 John Deere 345
Category: Other
Hours: 1197
Specs: power steering, 54" deck, hyd. lift, liquid cooled
1995 Fruehauf 42'
Category: Trucks and Trailers
Specs: van trailer, 12'6" height, air ride, RH door, 22.5" wheels w/(2) 1500 gallon poly tanks and 60 gal chemical inductor with 6.5 hp transfer pump
1989 International 9300
Category: Trucks and Trailers
Specs: Eagle semi, Cummins Formula 350 eng, Fuller 9 sp trans, air ride, air slide 5th wheel, 207' WB, 24.5" alum wheels, jake brake, cruise control, 770,484 miles
NA 500 Gallon
Category: Other
Specs: fuel tank w/fill-rite pump
Travis Seed Cart Seed Tender
Category: Planting
Specs: Easy Load 4 box seed tender, poly cupped auger, talc inductor, Honda GX340 eng
John Deere 370
Category: Applicators
Specs: 16.6-16.1 tires, hyd. end gate, single beater, 540 PTO, new poly floor
Bush Hog 1445
Category: Tillage
Specs: 21' disk, tandem main frame and wing tires, 9" spacing, 3 bar coil tine harrow, hyd. fold
DMI Tigermate II
Category: Tillage
Specs: 30'6" field cult, walking tandem main frame and wing tires, gauge wheels, 5 bar spike tooth harrow
International 550
Category: Tillage
Specs: 5B plow
Case IH 690
Category: Tillage
Specs: consertill 5 shank disc ripper, spring loaded shanks, hyd. adjust gangs, walking tandem tires
E-Z Trail 880
Category: Trucks and Trailers
Specs: 35' head cart, 9.00-10 tires, lights